18 Aralık 2012 Salı

Design for Sustainability: Konferans ve Çalıştay

17 Aralık 2012'de İTÜ EÜTB ve Delft University of Technology, Industrial Design Engineering Faculty, Design for Sustainability Program'ı ortaklığında ve Ducth DFA'in bilgi ortağı olduğu 'Design for Sustainability' konulu bir konferans ve çalıştay düzenlendi. Taşkışla'da gerçekleşen konferansın konukları Prof.Dr. Han Brezet, Asst.Prof. JC Diehl, Res. Duygu Kesin ve Dr. İdil Gaziulusoy idi. Etkinlikleri, TUDelft'te misafir araştırmacı olduğu dönemde konuk ekiple çalışan Araş.Gör. Elif Küçüksayraç organize etti.

Workshop: Human Centered Design for Low Income Households in Emerging Markets 
Asst.Prof. Dr. Jan Carel Diehl, December 17th, 09.30-12.30
More than four billion people live on an income of less than 8 dollars per day, often referred to as the economical Base of teh Pyramid (BoP) . This majority of our world population has been overlooked (and ignored) for a long time by business, industry and design schools. Nevertheless there is a tremendous challenge to develop and offer sustainable products and services to answer their needs as well they offer a huge market potential to make a (sustainable) business. To make breakthroughs in this context design and to business have to radical rethink how to develop product and services: New business models (in order to reach low income households), new technologies (combinations of high- and low-tech) and a deep understanding of local cultural systems (human centered design). The BoP team of Delft University of Technology has been involved in over 250 BoP projects with Multinational Corporations (i.e. Microsoft, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Philips and Unilever) as well as a wide range of social entrepreneurs and NGO's.
During the workshop you will be introduced to the 'why, what and how' of Design for the BoP, a large range of cases, as well as will you be challenged a product or service in the field of water, sanitation, energy or healthcare.
If you want to get inspired, download our booklet at www.jcdiehl.nl/bop.

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